Soweto Inspirational Home Museum

Soweto Inspirational Home Museum

Soweto Inspirational Home Museum is one of a kind. A must see inspiring place where you get to learn about Indigenous history and ancient medicinal plants.

The Museum is established in one of the oldest Sowetan homes, the so-callled Match Box houses that were given to people by the Apartheid Government after they were forcefully removed from Sophiatown. It is situated in a typical Sowetan neighbourhood and has become a hidden wonder of the community.

The Museum was founded by a Soweto born and bred woman Mandy Mankazana, who has established various business’s within the South African Tourism industry since 1994, and now has created this hidden gem in the same neighbourhood she was born in.

“A totally different perspective of a well known Soweto.”

It was an real incredible experience for my family and I. The quality of food was only matched by the beauty I experienced around me. I wish to go back to the museum again, there is so much to learn. Thanks for making our day in Soweto an unforgettable one.
Sandra James

You will find that the original house has been slightly modified to house the museum. It showcases indigenous history and the writing systems from Southern African Languages. You will get to learn the meanings behind some of the indigenous writing symbols we display.

The museum also showcases the connection between animals and people, a connection which indigenous people construct their material, social, symbolic, holistic, family and spiritual life

Among other indigenous topics in the museum, the information contained will give anyone no matter how old a brief understanding of how indigenous people communicated, their connection with animals and their history.

Indigenous History

Medicinal Plants

The use of traditional medicinal plants has been known and used by many indigenous people and has been handed down to the present by the oral traditions of people from one generation to the next. The outside / garden area of the museum is not only breath taking but is home to various indigenous medicinal plants that are able to heal diseases and infections.

You will get to learn what plants indigenous people use for medicinal purposes.

The Museum has an Artistic feel from the moment you approach the establishment which has incorporated beautiful designs with recycled materials created by local artists the walls of the museum are art canvases for local artists who want to share they inspiration and passion with you. The walls around the museum showcase beautiful art work and inspirational quotes that will lift you spirits should you be feeling blue.

The museum collects the work of local artists and then it promotes and assists them in selling their pieces be it paintings, jewellery, clothing and many more. Unique Items are found here and nowhere else.

Art Inspiration & Art for Sale

Homemade Heaven

Come experience our freshly handpicked homemade herbal teas straight from our garden. Our teas include Hemp tea, Coriander tea, Red bell pepper tea, mint tea and many more teas.

That is not all, there are light meals and you can also take a little inspiration home with you.

Image Sources: foodiesfeed, pexels

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